What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a system of medicine which attempts to awaken and nurture the potential for health in a person rather than treating a disease or illness. Amazingly it evolved into a coherent system of medicine based on the philosophy ‘only nature heals’. If someone is feeling chronically unwell, has unpleasant symptoms or is diagnosed with a disease process of some kind, then from a Naturopathic viewpoint there must be an impediment to healing which is preventing the person from returning to health or unleashing the potential for health.

The Amenities



Naturopathy is an art of life. The principle of Naturopathy is that the cause of disease is accumulation of toxins in the human body.

Natural Therapies

Treatments are based on the five great elements of nature that have immense healing properties.There is no role of internal medications in the nature cure system.


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