Naturopathy Hospital

The Centre is located in foot hills of Thirumurthy Hills with serene atmosphere and with 20 acres of land and has very good lawns and gardens. The centre has facilities like, special rooms, cottages, and general ward with modern facilities. The centre has running with extensive facilities and treatments of Naturopathy, Yoga, Kundalini meditation, Ayurveda and other therapies. Treatments are provided by qualified naturopathy doctors and well trained masseurs. The centre has other outdoor facilities like swimming pool (out of campus), walking track, acupressure track, organic farm etc

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What is Naturopathy?


Naturopathy is a system of medicine which attempts to awaken and nurture the potential for health in a person rather than treating a disease or illness. Amazingly it evolved into a coherent system of medicine based on the philosophy ‘only nature heals’. If someone is feeling chronically unwell, has unpleasant symptoms or is diagnosed with a disease process of some kind, then from a Naturopathic viewpoint there must be an impediment to healing which is preventing the person from returning to health or unleashing the potential for health.

Naturopaths look for ‘impediments to health’ by considering the totality of structure, function and behaviour using as their blueprint the Naturopathic Triad.

The main tool a Naturopath will use to elicit the information required is a comprehensive and detailed case history, along with a structural and postural assessment and careful observation of the patient.

Additional information may be gathered by testing of various sorts e.g. Bio-energetic machines, Dowsing, Kinesiology, Blood Tests, Hair Mineral Analysis, Stool tests, etc.

etc. Such information is integrated into the case history and the case is ‘worked’. ‘Working the case history’ may uncover the most important clues.

Naturopathic lifestyle : in order to be well we require good food, Rest, Relaxation, Sleep, Fresh Air, Sunlight, Laughter and To Love and Be Loved. Often a real challenge for the patient is how to fit these necessities into a modern lifestyle!

For both Naturopathic practitioners and their patients the main quality required is indeed patience, as health which is often lost slowly over many decades cannot necessarily be quickly recovered. The required changes in lifestyle often have to be slow if they are to be sustainable.

Naturopaths will usually combine dietary and lifestyle suggestions with bodywork treatments and hydrotherapy. Nutritional or herbal supplements are often used to support digestive and liver health. Relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, flower essences and homeopathic remedies may be recommended.

Naturopathy is primarily a Philosophy of healing and any natural therapeutic can be incorporated if it is deemed appropriate, provided the patient is supported with a Cohesive, Integrated Treatment Plan.